Sitemap of pages you can find at Croni

Croni – Introduction for mini loaders from Croni.


Croni miniloaders – A page that describes our mini loader and its benefits.

Croni model L-80 – Here you can read about our model L-80, and the beneftis of using it.

Croni model LH-80 – To find out more about our Croni LH-80 you can read about it on this page.

Croni model LH-110 – This page describes the functionalities and benefits of our model LH-110.


Industries – Our mini loader can benefit you in many industries, here you can read about the different industries we have experience within.

Mini loader for agriculture – Our mini loader has many benefits for agriculture, that you can read about on this page.

Mini loader for church – At a church and a cemetery you have many tasks, that requires the right tools to handle. Our mini loader and attachments can help you solve the job nice and easy.

Mini loader for housing association – Trimming hedges, mowing lawns, lifting heavy objects many more tasks are among those you can find at a housing association, and our mini loader can handle them all.

Mini loader for stud – When you have many tasks around your jobs, you want to do them fast so you have more time with your horses. With our mini loader your tasks will get done in no time.

Mini loader for warehouse – The heavy lifting and cleaning at a warehouse are easy tasks for our mini loader.


Attachments for mini loader – The mini loader can handle many tasks with the right attachments. Find the one that fits your needs.

Auger for mini loader – If y ou need to dig holes and set up fences, our auger for mini loader is the perfect attachment for you.

Broom for mini loader – When you need to sweep large areas, you need a broom on your mini loader. This attachment will help you to clear an area fast with a nice result.

Bucket for mini loader – Handles your heavy lifts and makes it easy to move around objects.

Edgetrimmer for mini loader – When you need to trim your edges, our edgetrimmer is the perfect tool for you.

Grapple bucket for mini loader – The grapple bucket can lift and grab around the objects you are lifting. Makes it easy to lift different objects.

Grapple rake for mini loader – The grapple rake is great for lifting. For example when you are lifting hay around at a stud, the grapple rake makes it easy to grab what you need to lift and move around.

Hay bale grapple for mini loader – The hay bale grapple is perfect for when you need to move around heavy hay bales.

Hedgetrimmer for mini loader – Our hedgetrimmer for mini loader is easy to handle and will always give you a nice result.

Lawn mower for mini loader – The lawn mower is for big lawns. It makes it easy to mow your lawn, and is fast and makes a great result.

Light material bucket for mini loader – Do you need to move around light materials? For example food for you animals or hay? Then our light material bucket for mini loader is the perfect attachment for you.

Leaf vaccum for mini loader – When fall is here and leaves are falling everywhere, our leaf vaccum makes it easy to clean up outdoor areas.

Pallet fork for mini loader – For lifting heavy pallets. Easy to move around and clear your warehouse.

Rake for mini loader – When you need to make your outdoor areas shine.

Snow plow for mini loader – When the winter is here and you need to move around large amounts of snow, our snow plow is perfect for you.


Dealers of Croni mini loaders – We have many dealers of our mini loaders, here you can see all of them, and find the one closest to you.

Become af dealer of Croni mini loaders – Do you want to become a dealer of our products? Contact us and become a part of our dealer network.


Contact us – Do not hesitate to contact us, we are always ready to help you with our mini loaders.

Cookie policy – On this page you can read about our cookie policy.


About us – Here we are telling you about who we are and what we are doing.

News and events – We want to share news with you and tell you at what events you can find us.