Croni mini loaders

At Croni we can offer you three models of mini loaders, L-80, LH-80, and LH-110. All our models are built in the best quality and with a strong motor from Kubota. 

The mini loader from Croni is designed to be compact and strong

Mini loader from Croni

At Croni we have designed mini loaders, which are able to come around in smaller areas, without compromising on the functionalities of the machine. Croni mini loaders, can with its size perform the same tough jobs as a bigger machine

The mini loader is user friendly, which means the machine is easy to handle for you. You can customize your mini loader with attachments, that is easy to attach and detach in the front of the machine. You can then easily switch between tools during the day.

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The Croni mini loader is designed to be compact, so that it can be used in both small and big areas.


User friendly

The Croni mini loader is designed, so that it is simple to use and that it is easy to use for anyone who needs to do tasks with the mini loader.


The mini loaders uses a strong Kubota engine, which makes the mini loader strong and able to perform heavy jobs, despite of its compact size.

Customize your needs

The mini loader, can be modified with attachments from Croni, so that you can do different tasks with the mini loaders and get the task done correctly.

Croni mini loader

We can at Croni offer you different models of our mini loader. It is important that you get the right machine, that fits you and the tasks you have to do. We can offer to customize your mini loader, so the cabin fits your needs and so it can lift what you need it to.

Furtermore we offer spare parts for our Croni mini loader, so you always have the best machine. We and our dealers can help you with service, or if you have any questions about the use of the mini loader.


When you get a mini loader from Croni, we also offer you attachments. These tools makes it possible for you to modify your mini loader during the day, so it always fits your job. The attachments fits many different tasks withing heavy lifting, triming of hedges, lifting pallets and much more.

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Attachments from Croni

Mini loader for different industries

We have a great experience with the mini loader being used in differents industries. From our experience, we find that our customers gets a better result from their work, while they save time doing it.

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Mini loader industries

Our customer says:

We have narrow and small paths at our graveyard and church, which is perfect for a small machine. Furthermore there is a wide and fitting program for attachments, that fits our needs. We have currently ad Croni L07, snowplow, front bucket, palletfork and we consider getting towbar at our next service. About he price on the machine, i think it is fair for a danish machine, considering the quality that it gets delivered by. The service that follows the machine lives up to my expectations.

Karsten MønstedDigger at Sjørslev Kirke

We wanted a machine that was smaller in width, then the machine we had before, and we found the Croni, which is small and very strong, and we got extra lifting height and could now lift over 1 ton. We currently have Croni L07 High Lift, palletforks, bucket, broom and we are satisfied with the wide attachments program. If we need service the service guy at Maach Technic is here the day after our call, which we find very usefull. I will at any time to any person recommend the danish Croni mini loader, with a written reference.

Christian ChristensenChurch Leader

Here will come a new comment from a satisfied customer, with our mini loader and attachments.

A new satisfied customerGraveyard, agriculture, stock, stud or any industry you need
Why Croni?

Croni mini loader

Mini loader from Croni – build for your needs.

Mini loader from Croni – For you that do not compromise on quality, price and efficiency.

With a Croni mini loader  you can always be sure that you have a machine that runs perfect when you need it. The machine is compact, user friend and strong.

If you want an offer on a mini loader or attachments, you can always contact us.

We will help you make a solution, so you get the perfect mini loader, with the right attachments that fits your needs.


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