Mini loader for warehouse

Croni mini loader is the perfect tool for making your work efficient.

Mini loader for warehouse – A flexible, compact and strong mini loader, with a wide selection of attachments.

The mini loader is a flexible tool, that with its only 78 cm in width, can be use in any warehouses. The mini loader can be modified with different attachments, which makes the mini loader able to fit the job you have to do.

Mini loader for warehouse from Croni

About mini loader for warehouse

Our mini loader from Croni is designet to handle the tasks you have to do in a warehouse. The mini loaders design makes it able to handle heavy lifts, cleaning tasks and in general moving heavy objects. With our wide selection of attachments it is possible to make the mini loader fit for the tasks that you need it to handle.

Our mini loader fits, with its width on only 78 cm, in even small paths in a warehouse, and can even go through regular doors. This makes the mini loader fits any kind of warehouse. The mini loader can crack on the middle, which makes it easier to come around corners and drive around in a warehouse.

Need guidance on how to use the mini loader in a warehouse?

If you need guidance about the use of our mini loader for your warehouse, or any other tasks, you can always contact Croni for the best counseling.

We can with our great experience within mini loaders give you the best advice about how you can use a mini loader. If you got questions or are looking for an offer, you can always contact us.

See here how our mini loader is being used:

Pallet fork for mini loader

Pallet fork for mini loader – An unavoidable attachment for warehouses.

Broom for mini loader

Broom for mini loader – Makes you able to sweep large areas quickly.

Mini loader for warehouse from Croni – Built for hard use and heavy tasks.

Why Croni?

Our mini loader is flexible, strong and easy to handle, so you can save time and energy in your warehouse. Pallets can easily be moved in no time, you can qucikly sweep your floor and you can come around in narrow paths.

With our mini loader you can easily handle the daily tasks. It can lift heavy objects without damaging the floor. The mini loader is easy to serve, you can easily switch between attachments, so you can get your job done as fast as possible.

You can get the Croni mini loader with only 78 cm in width, and with a strong motor from Kubota. The motor is known for its reliability and durability.

We offer for all mini loader a wide selection of attachments, so you can get the tools you need for your tasks. The machine is small, strong and has good comfort.

Call or send us an e-mail for an offer on mini loaders.

Attachments for mini loader

To get the best potential of your mini loader, it is important that you get the right attachements. That is why we offer a selection of different tools, so you can modify your mini loader so it always fits your needs. You can here see different types of attachments for our mini loaders:


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