Mini loader for agriculture

Croni mini loader for agriculture – helps you with heavy tasks on your farm.

Mini loader for agriculture – Croni – A strong, compact mini loader that is easy to handle. Croni has a wide selection of attachments for your mini loader.

With a mini loader from Croni, you can easily clean out the stable, set up fences, clear up the yard, only you set the limits.

Call us to find the perfect machine, with attachments that fits the needs you have.

About mini loader for agriculture

Our mini loader is developed to handle all the tasks you have to handle in agriculture, in stable or on your farm.With attachments on your mini loader, your work with agriculture or on your farm gets more efficient, so you can save time to do more tasks during your day.

With our selection of attachments for mini loader, you can add attachments, and modify the machine so it always fits your needs. The mini loader gets modified for you, where we togehter will find the right solution for the tasks you need to do.

In need for guidance?

With our wide experience with mini loaders we are able to guide you about the use of mini loaders in different industries. If you need counseling or advice about the use of mini loaders for agriculture, you can always send an e-mail or call us. We are always ready with good advice and guidance on how you can benefit the most from our mini loader.

Contact us for a conversation about mini loader for agriculture, and how we can help you with your needs.

See here how our mini loader with different attachments can be used in tasks for agriculture.

Grapple rake for mini loader

Grapple rake for mini loader, the perfect tool for agriculture.

Hedgetrimmer for mini loader

Our hedgetrimmer can easily handle large areas of hedges.

The mini loader makes your tasks in agriculture much easier.

Why Croni?

At Croni we know exactly how you can use a mini loader for agriculture, and which attachments you should choose.

The mini loader has to be built so it can handle hard tasks for many years. Therefore we have designed our mini loader, so it is both durable and easy to handle. A good mini loader has to be able to lift heavy objects, while it has to be compact and come around in narrow paths. The machine has to be able to handle different tasks. We make that possible with our selection of attachments, that can be attached in the front of the mini loader.

The attachments for mini loader is built for the most common tasks you have to do in agriculture or on a farm. It is possible to switch between attachments, so you always have the tool to handle exactly the task you need. The mini loader can for example be used for sweeping large areas, lifting heavy objects, trimming hedges, mow your lawn and much more.

We are competitive on price, and help you put together the perfect solution with attachments for your needs.

The mini loader can be produced from only 78 cm in width, and is equipped with a strong motor from Kubota, which makes it able to lift heavy objects.

Contact us for an offer.

Attachments for mini loader

With a mini loader from Croni it is important to have the right attachments, so it is modified for the tasks it has to do. That is why we offer a wide selection of attachments that makes the mini loader efficient. Attachments can be attached and detached in the front of the mini loader, and is easy to switch. This means you can modify the machine when you need to, and save time on your tasks.


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