Mini loader for housing association

The perfect mini loader to help you with heavy tasks and maintenance in your housing association.

Mini loader for housing association – With the job at a housing association you have to handle differents tasks to keep the area around the houses or apartments nice and safe. Tasks as clearing snow, trimming hedges and maintenance of outdoor areas and much more, is easy tasks for our mini loader to handle.


The perfect mini loader for housing association

About mini loader for housing association

With the many heavy tasks in a housing association, it is important that the machines that you use are efficient and that they are functional. We provide everything from guidance to spareparts so you always have the best mini loader, that can handle your job.

We have many years of technical and practical experience with mini loaders for housing association, and we are always ready to give you advice about the use of it.

The areas in housing associations can be very different, and can have different needs. That is why we will give you an offer that fits your needs for the job you have to do.

Want to hear more about how you can benefit of our mini loader?

We are always ready for a dialog with our customers. You can always contact us for a dialog about how we at Croni can help you with our mini loaders. We will always give you guidance and advice in the choice and use of mini loaders, and which attachments you should use.

Our great experience with mini loaders and attachments makes us able to give you the best counseling about the machine. Contact us for further information.


See here how our mini loader from Croni can make your tasks easier.

Rake for mini loader

Rake for mini loader – Perfect for large areas.

Hedgetrimmer for mini loader

Hedgetrimmer for mini loader – Get your hedges trimmed in no time.

Croni mini loader is built for hard use everyday – With the wide selection of attachments it helps your tasks at the housing association.

Why Croni?

Our mini loader is developed to handle your tasks every day at a housing association. The mini loader is solid designet which makes it perfect to handle heavy lifts, hard surfaces and much more.

The mini loader can with its only 78 cm in width come around in narrow spaces, and handle the areas that occurs at housing associations.

We have a big experience with mini loaders and that is why we know exactly what kind of attachments you need for your job. Contact us for an offer, so we can figure out what you need together.

Attachments for mini loader

With a mini loader from Croni it is important to have the right attachments, so you can benfit the most from your mini loader. That is why we offer a wide selection of attachments, that you can attach in the front of the mini loader. We will together with you find the solution with mini loader and attachments, that fits your needs.


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