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News from Croni:

Production during the corona situation

Despite the situation with Covid-19, it has been possible to maintain our production of mini loaders. We have had severeal orders both national and international, where it has been possible to produce the mini loaders that has been ordered. All models and attachments has been delivered to our customers, with very few delays in the delivery.

We have at Croni taking the necessary conditions in use as the authorities has recommended. That means our contact with customers, delivery and acquisition of components has been handled with the conditions it has required.

The mini loaders is being producet and are just as effective as they are used to. That is why we are still accepting all orders as we would have done under normal circumstances. It means that if you need a mini loader or a demonstration of the products, we will with the corona related conditions, demonstrate and show you the product, and produce the mini loader for you.

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