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It can be difficult to choose which skid steer to choose from. Croni has three different models of skid steer loaders, which can assist with solving daily work tasks. Read more about which mini loader to choose.

Croni L-80

This model is a very popular choice, and has a top speed of 12 kilometers and has a lifting capacity of 800 kilograms. This mini loader can easily cope with the daily work tasks that can be encountered in the various trades.

Croni LH-80

This model has the same speed as the Croni L-80 with a top speed of 12 kilometers and with a lifting capacity of 800 kilograms. The difference between these two, however, is that the Croni LH-80 has a higher lifting height of 275 cm, and the model LH-80 mini loader can reach higher than the L-80.

Croni LH-110

This is the top model from Croni, which has a width of 95 cm, from which the LH-80 and L-80 have a width of 78 cm. The LH-110 also has a higher lifting capacity of a total of 1100 kilograms, which means that this mini loader can lift significantly heavier than the other models. In addition, the Croni LH-110 has a greater length of 239 cm, whereas the other mini loaders have a length of 226 cm. This mini loader is particularly suitable for heavy tasks where extra kilograms must be lifted.

Still in doubt?

If you are still in doubt about which mini loader to choose, you can read more technical information about the various models in our brochure. Here you will also be able to see an overview of the various dealers who sell Croni mini loaders. 

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Croni is a danish manufacturer of strong mini loaders, which are compact and therefore perfectly suitable for all kinds of daily tasks.