Strong, Compact Mini Loader

Croni is a danish manufacturer of strong mini loaders, which are compact and therefore perfectly suitable for all kinds of daily tasks.

Mini loader

Croni is a Danish manufacturer of mini loaders of the highest quality. We have a wide selection of different models including the models L-80, LH-80 and our top model L-110. A mini loader from Croni is designed to get around smaller areas.

With its only 78-95 cm in width, it can get around pretty much anywhere. At the same time as its compact size, the Croni skid steer loader is designed to provide just as much as much larger machines. Therefore, the performance of the machine has not been compromised. Despite its size, the mini loader can easily lift heavy objects in daily work.

Our mini loader is produced in 100% steel, which makes the machine robust and that it can last for a long time with minimal maintenance. In addition, the machine is intended to be both reliable and easy to operate.


mini loader attachments

Here at Croni, we have a wide range of tools that are used to adapt your mini loader to exactly the work tasks you need to handle. Our experience in the field has meant that we have designed tools so that they can be adapted to your needs.

The attachments are mounted on the front of your mini loader loader and are easy to remove and install. This makes it user-friendly, which will save you time and effort, saving you time on your work tasks. The tools are designed and built to be robust so they can handle heavy lifting or tasks on hard attacks. This means that our tools require minimal maintenance, which is why our tools are a long-term solution for your work tasks.

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